Edds World-Tom's Chrismas Rap02:01

Edds World-Tom's Chrismas Rap

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Santa: TOM!
Tom: Evening, everyone! Meeerry Christmas!
Edd: Tom, you've gone too far this time! You're destroying Christmas!
Matt: ...Literally!
Edd: Yeah, literally! (What's that mean?)
Tom: Can it Edd! You know what? It's MY turn to enjoy Christmas! You've had your fun!

Tom: I feel evil, haunted, controlled, possessed. And everything I'm doing is illegal,
I know! Call it a Christmas upheaval! Press charges on my alter ego!
I do not sing along to your stupid songs-
Silent Night, take a hike, Jingle Bells, go to Hell.
I'm just like a poisonous snake, overflowed with hate, make no mistake, there is no escape!
I will blow up this place, make a mess of your face, and what's left of you...there will be no trace!
(It's a Christmas Demolition!)
(It's a Christmas Demolition!)

Matt: I know you're not a Christmas fanatic, but your being problematic and SLIGHTLY Dramatic!
Edd: You blew up the reindeer, you act like a punk, every time you get drunk, we put up with this junk!
Santa: Word on the street is I'm losing my funk, my cool, my flow, my ho ho ho!...But we can't let you steal the show!
(It's a Christmas Demolition!)
(It's a Christmas Demolition!)

Matt: Hey, uh, everyone...aren't they both bad guys?
Santa: ...Shoot the suckers...!
Zanta: Uh oh...

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